A good mattress option for taller people – twin xl mattress

A good mattress option for taller people – twin xl mattress

A good mattress is very important as it has a great impact on our sleep which in turn impacts our life. A good sleep is very essential for an individual to remain healthy and fresh. The size of the mattress also plays an important role as it should fit perfectly to the bed frame and also should be apt as per the user’s height.

Size of mattresses available

• Twin mattress: It is a kind of single bed which can accommodate one child or one adult. It might be little bigger than single mattress but it will be difficult for two people to sleep on it comfortably.

• Twin XL mattress: They are the perfect option for people who have a good height and cannot fit in twin mattresses. They are bigger than queen mattress and also they are best for smaller spaces.

• Full mattress: Full mattresses are also known as standard or double beds. They can be used for two people but they might not be comfortable due to the limited space. However, full mattresses can be placed in guest rooms in smaller houses.

• Queen mattress: They are the most sold mattresses for couples. Two individuals can sleep on it comfortably. They are the most chosen one for master bedrooms.

• King mattress: They have the same length as queen but are much wider. It gives enough space to two people sleeping on it. It can also accommodate one child along with two individuals.

What are twin XL mattresses?

Twin XL mattresses are extra-long mattress measuring about 5 inches longer length than the normal standard twin mattress. They normally come in sizes of about 39”X 80” inches. They are more convenient to taller people and for children to give them space for growing and playing. They can be used by all age group. They are known for their versatility and flexibility. They are normally used in hotels, hospitals and college hostels. They save space and are suitable for smaller houses.

Types of mattress available in twin XL

 Innerspring mattress

 Memory foam mattress

 Latex mattress

Features of twin XL mattress

 Adjustable base of twin XL mattress helps in maintaining its life.

 A good quality twin XL mattress provides good support to the bed as well as to the user

 It generally has two sided padding that offers durability and comfort.

 A good quality twin XL mattress has innersprings that are good shock absorbers.

 Twin XL mattresses are available in different quality and models at reasonable prices.

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