milano king duvet cover pottery barn

milano king duvet cover pottery barn

You can take a comfortable and luxurious sleep with king sized duvet covers. Covers add beauty and luxury to your room and you can find varieties of options that you can choose. There are duet covers with different designs, colors, materials and styles that you will really adore a lot. Milano Duvet Cotton Covers are one of the kings Duvet covers that can bring cozy vibe and better style to the bedroom. You can choose the covers and give an awesome and traditional look to your bedroom.

Materials and patterns

You can adorn your favorite bed with regal styles that are specially found in 3 pieces of cover sets of Milano. It is made up of sateen cotton which is really very soft and easy to handle. Cover sets are designed with paisley pattern which are further colored in advanced hues. Such materials cab upscales your overall room and you will enjoy the supple and soft feeling of the cotton fabric at the same time. There are button closures and you can enjoy the coordinating scale.Primary features

Overall set contains one duvet covers, one sham intended for twin set, two shams normally. If you have to count on the total number of threads, then total counts are about 300. Fabrics are found in printed form that gives beautiful designs. Similarly, closing is button and style is almost traditional type. You can enjoy the epic style with its traditional makings. You will really love the covers if you are drawn towards traditional form of arts and fabrics. You can choose different sets of colors at the same time. There are mainly four colors that you can choose and they are blue, gold, mocha and grey. You can choose any color that you prefer. You are supposed to be careful as it is machine washable. Material is 100 percent cotton.


Customers may have different requirements about the dimensions of Milano covers. The first dimension that you can choose is twin dimension. Duvet covers are found in about ninety inches long and sixty-eight inches of width. Likewise, shams are of twenty six inches long and twenty inches wide. Another dimension is queen or full dimension that has different sizes for both sham and duvet covers. Sham is twenty six inches long and twenty inches wide. Duvet covers are about ninety inch long and same goes with width too. You can also get another size for California dimension or king dimension.

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