california king beds near me for cheap

california king beds near me for cheap

A California King beds were first specifically original in the mid of 15th century and were used only by royal families, especially kings and queens. Later, with the increasing interest and trend, California king beds started hitting the market in the late 90’s in Los Angeles, California. Also called western king beds, California king beds were profoundly found in great mansions and luxurious hotels. In the recent days, California king beds have been noticed to be quite competitive and popular piece of furniture on an international standard of purchase.

Size and Dimensions

California King Beds are actually pretty big and fit large spaces. In fact, they are the largest type of king sized beds available it the United States. In comparison to normal king sized beds, California King Beds are longer and less wide. Dimensionally, they are 72” in width and 85” in length (67”W x 81” L in Japan). They trade extra 4 inches in length for width, comparing to a normal King sized bed.


California King Beds are large in size and rather longer and narrower than normal king sized beds. They fit perfect for large spaces when you need to add up the furniture perfectly in accordance to the room size. Large beds are always a plus point because they bring out the best edges of big rooms. But if you have a small room and prefer spaces then you might have to rethink about California king sized beds.

Level of Comfort:

California King Sized beds are perfect for taller people who do not quite fit in normal sized beds. It’s never comfortable to sleep while you leave your feet hanging on the other side because of the problem in the length and size of the bed. California King Beds are longer and narrower that give a perfect size to taller sleepers. Also in addition to that, it can fit two to three persons with preferable comfort while giving them enough space of stretch out and sleep undisturbed.

Look and Appearance

California King Beds are best for long and narrow rooms and give a very elegant look to your bedroom space. The most commented reason to buy a California king bed by its original buyers is its elegance and the complimenting look that it adds to their bedrooms.

California King Beds are one of the most popular beds in the history but because of the problem of finding the right materials and components, it is quite expensive and difficult to look out for. However, after crossing all the dreads, California kind beds can be a very complementing and comforting piece of furniture for your bedroom that only gives you comfort and space but also elegance and style.

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