Baby support cushion

Baby support cushion

Our babies are the most precious people in our lives and we do everything in our power to make sure that they are happy, healthy and comfortable. This leads us to buy items for our babies that will help us achieve these goals and baby support items are among those things. This support cushion helps in not only keeping the baby comfortable but also offer the baby spine and head support. Using these cushions you will be able to carry the baby without fear and also hand the baby over to any one with the full knowledge that your baby is safe.

Foam Baby Cushion

As the name suggests, this cushion is made of foam, this molds itself to the body of the baby, increasing support of the baby’s spine and head, and it also prevents the misalignment of the baby’s body and spine. It has the added advantage of increasing support so that whoever is holding the baby is assured that the baby is safe. It also reduces head pressure and prevents the baby from suffering from cranial strain. It comes in soft colors such as blue, white and pink.

Anti-Allergenic Cushion

This is for the babies who react to allergens such as dust and fiber, we know this leads to them to react to them by having reactions such as eczema or breathing difficulties. We use special fiber to make this not happen, it repels germs, dust and dirt and it stills offers the baby support. It will still be able to align the baby’s head and spine while keeping them safe.

Temperature Control

This pillow keeps the baby warm and dry while simultaneously helping the baby have goodnights sleep. While still giving the baby support it also prevents flat head by supporting the head and spine. Perfect for night time as it maintains the baby’s body temperature and at the same time help the baby breath. This is perfect not only for the above reasons but because it can be used by sickly babies or by babies who have difficulty sleeping at night. They come in various colors which will add a bit of style to your baby’s room.

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