oversized california king bedding near me

oversized california king bedding near me

The king bed size gained popularity among the common mass due to its extra luxurious comfort and space resulting in a perfect bed for a couple rather than the previously introduced standard double. The king sized bed was established to get hold of the major market share of the elite and influential families. This size proved to be quite famous and successful among the middle class too as a sign of elegance and sophistication. Arrival of the much affordable metallic alloy beds, many middle class families opted for the king bed size too as it was made available in the same price for wooden standard sized beds resulting in a rising demand for the king size across the globe.


Introduction to the California Size:

California king size extends from 72 inches of width to 84 inches of length. The California king sized bedding forms the perfect bed space who are looking for more length. The luxury material was added to the California king sized beds so as to provide the consumers with more added value and luxury for the rich and influential consumers who prefer to obtain a much classy and elegant size for their bedding. And therefore the California king size was specially referred to as luxurious beds.


Luxury begins with California King:

A California king is 4 inches shorter than the standard king but 5 inches longer than the standard king size. This bed size became a more luxurious bed size due to its extra space. This bed size was introduced in the new Millennium due to the increasing population and their changing desires and needs. California King Sized bed is considered a type of luxurious king bed targeting only a smaller consumer market for the taller people who look for extra spacious beds so that their feet do not hang out of the bed. Cal king beds were also introduced due to the king size being common among the middle class families whereas the rich and influential class were looking for another luxurious bed size suiting their needs.

Current Status:

Currently, California king bed size holds a small but firm market share in the local and global markets due to its unique and distinct size and extra luxurious space specifically targeting a small consumer market with no increasing market share nor decreasing market share becoming a considerable luxury bed to stay in market.
Cal King Bedding

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