carpeting on stairs and landing

carpeting on stairs and landing

Stairs are supposed to be such place in the home which can most commonly have carpet; however it is considered to be the trickiest work to be done. Even if such surfaces are preferred which are considered to be hard enough like lamination, hardwood, etc. the idea of carpet for stairs is still better, even if it is such that it looks to be a runner on the surface of stairs.

Purpose of safety

It is a very safe way to cover the stairs with carpet, rather than covering them with a hard flooring surface. First of all, it is to be mentioned that the surfaces which are hard are also supposed to be slippery and a person call fall there easily. The second thing is that if somebody happens to fall on the floor that is being carpeted, the landing spot is obviously very much softer as compared to the other hard surfaces; thus it helps in reducing the probability for getting injured.

Installation of the carpet on stairs

There are supposed to be two methods used mainly for the installation of carpet on the stair. One is waterfall and the other is French cap.

Waterfall method

In the method of waterfall, the only thing involved is to bend the carpet on the sides of the edges of the stairs and to bring the carpet straight in the downward direction for meeting the tread of the other steps of the stairs while going down. It is supposed to be such a way which is very easy and can be carried out in a fast manner for the installation of carpet; this is the reason that a lot of people who make new homes make use of this waterfall method.

French cap method

In the French cap method, the carpet is supposed to be wrapped around the stair edges and thus it is tucked under the lip; hence the shape of the step gets contoured. A lot of time is required for this method. Also there is a lot of skill needed by the installer; however, it enhances the beauty and presents the carpet in a much better way.

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