Colors which brighten up

Colors which brighten up

A Duvet, also sometimes referred to simply as comforter or down comforter is a loosely quilted bed cover. They are mostly popular in Europe, but also used all across, especially in regions with colder climatic conditions. A duvet is an investment and sometimes considered expensive. It should be protected from dirt, oil and other day to day wear and tear. A duvet cover which is nothing but a fabric cover for comforter, which keeps it clean.

Why is it important

Duvet covers many factors which makes it important. A duvet cover essentially keeps your comforter away from getting dirty and soiled. It may be from body sweat/oil, stains, or just dust from outside.


Comforters are mostly are bright white in color which makes them more prone for stains. It is also significantly costlier. Idea of changing duvet covers is better than changing theduvet often. Also, duvet is not easy to wash and may not fit regular washing machines.

Other than that, duvet covers are essential piece of clothing which defines aura of your living room. They often can give a defining look and style and can be easily changed to changing mood and seasons.

What to consider before buying a duvet cover

Duvet covers come in different types. It can be button closeable, zipper ones, or one with ties. Look for those which are sturdy and can last long. Material of the duvet cover can be flannel or cotton ones. Flannel ones are good for winters, they are generally wrinkle resistant and durable. Cotton materials are more airy, comfortable to use. There are also silk duvet covers which are more luxurious and exclusive. Either way, make sure they are easily washable and machine wash compatible. While solid colors are preferred by some which is classy and elegant, design printed fabrics are also much popular.


Especially in households where kids and pets play on bed, covers with darker tone of color and bold designs are recommended. This can certainly help in hiding the lighter spots of stains. Covers which come in sets consisting sheets, pillow cases and covers are preferred since it gives completed look to your bed.

Why Yellow

Color and design of duvet cover is probably the single biggest factor while choosing one. Yellow Fabrics give the feel of airiness in room. They can fit and go well with rooms with lighter colored walls. They are best suited for summer and spring seasons which can simply brighten up the living room.

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