Decorative and fancy cushion covers

Decorative and fancy cushion covers

Cushion covers protect the cushion from sunlight, wind, rain, dew, dirt etc. They can be used as a decorative piece in the house. The cushion cover has an attractive impact on the home décor. Colorful designs and patterns can create an enticing and glamorous look to the room.

Features of Cushion covers

 They are made from top quality materials using advanced technologies.
 They are available in digital prints in vibrant and durable colors.
 Cushion covers are of multipurpose use. They can be used for indoor cushions and outdoor cushions as well.
 Outdoor cushion covers are specifically designed to sustain the weather and dirt.
 They are water, mildew and stain resistant.
 They are every soft on the skin.
 Stylish, modern and trendy colors and designs can be mixed and matched

Types of cushion covers

Multipurpose cushion covers: Multipurpose cushion covers can be used anywhere indoor or outdoor. They can be used throughout the year. They are more durable and soft.

Outdoor Cushion cover: Outdoor cushion covers are used for cushions on sun lounge, patio, or any chair kept in the balcony etc. They are designed and treated specifically to suit the outdoor environment and last longer. The color of the cushion cover does not fade off easily.

Indoor cushions: Indoor cushions covers are for the cushions that are kept on the sofas, chairs, armchairs, reclining chairs etc. Vibrant and bold patterned cushion covers can give a unique look the room.

Points to be considered when selecting cushion covers:

Fabric: The fabric for cushion covers are normally selected keeping their function and their use in mind. Cotton and polyester cushion covers are easy to clean, simple and long lasting.

Location: Depending upon the location where the cushion will be placed select the color, design and pattern of the cushion cover. If there are for an outdoor cushion consider buying a waterproof cushion cover.

Function: If one would be using the cushion for decorative purpose only then one can choose from different decorative and flowery cushion covers can be used. However all look for cushion covers which are durable, easy to clean and maintain and not very expensive.

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