quilt size for double bed in inches

quilt size for double bed in inches

Quilts are always better as they provide smooth finish to the surface of the mattress. They are uniquely designed to hide the tufts and give a better look to the mattress. They are now very common and have become the preferred choice of the users. The quilt size depends upon three things – the bed frame, mattress and the look you prefer.

Points of consideration when deciding on the quilt size

• Planning: It is the initial step for deciding on the quilt size. It is important to decide on many things like do you want the quilt to hang over the bed, If yes then how much? Will the quilt cover just for the top of the bed? Will the quilt cover the pillows on the bed?

• Standard size: One can refer the standard size available on various sources for all types and sizes of bed. They are easy reference that can help you decide on the size of the quilt.

• Height: Height of the mattress is also an important factor to decide on the quilt size. This may also add if you want your quilt to hang over the bed.

• Shrinkage: Remember to consider shrinkage factor of the quilt. The quilt may shrink at the first wash hence the quilt size should be little bigger than the actual size.

• Measure: It is always advisable to measure the bed and according keeping in mind the above factors one can fix the quilt size.

Types of Quilt filling

 Feather & Down: They are natural products and are very light in weight. They provide incomparable softness and warmth. They can last for many years. They are apt for a comfortable night sleep.

 Wool: Woolen quilts are non-allergic and are fire and soil resistant. Wool is very soft and can absorb water easily. They can adjust to the body temperature and provides warmth during winter and cool during summer. They are highly durable.

 Synthetic quilts: They are very cost effective and are cheaper than other types. Synthetic quits provides the same functions as other types and are also very durable.

 Cotton quilts: Cotton is natural fiber that is very easy to wash and clean. It is very durable and best for summers. They are ideal for people with allergies.

Standard quilt sizes are available for the following mattress types

Lap quilt


Twin/ Single

Twin/ Single XL

Double/ Full

Double/ Full XL



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