Eastern king bed and west coast king bed

Eastern king bed and west coast king bed

You might have already heard of a West Coast King bed and an Eastern King bed. West Coast King bed is also called California King Bed, while people usually know Eastern King bed as King Bed.

The Difference between California King and King Bed

Should you have suspected that the California King and King are different in size, you are right. Both of these mattresses definitely have different dimensions. One is indeed longer, but less wide compared to the other. A typical King bed has 76 inches width and 80 inches length, whilst the California King has 72 inches width and 84 inches length.

Picking a Bed for Your Height

A regular King could be way too short for taller individuals. Because the California King is longer than a normal King, tall people would find this bed a better choice.


You should not be turned off by the fact that California King Bed is narrower. A Queen bed has 60 inches width, and California King Bed is wider by 12 inches. It is thus still a big bed. This bed would be excellent if you are placing it in the room with size that better suits narrower bed compared to the regular King.

If you have an average height, you should definitely contemplate choosing the standard King. This is due to bedding issue.

Getting Sheets for a California King

It is easy to find sheets for a King bed. Nonetheless, the most significant drawback to the California King is usually that it can often be difficult to get sheets which will fit properly. It is nearly impossible to get sheets with the right size in a department store and sheets for the standard King Bed will be too short to fit.


Should you have a California King bed, you should just shop around for sheets you require. Choose your fabric and desirable thread count, then ask if the store has sheets designed for your bed size readily available. Should the store not have them, you could normally special order them. You could also write down the type or brand of the sheets and do your shopping online. Otherwise, you may also custom make the sheets to fit your bed.

Considering that getting sheets for a California king is so challenging, it would a good idea that you get a regular king unless of course the length of the bed is indeed a major problem.

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