Extra large attic bed design ideas

Extra large attic bed design ideas

The full size loft bed is ideal for a limited space room and it raise the mattress higher than a normal bed and provides provision for additional storage or furniture including bookshelves, dressers, sofa and desk. Full size Loft beds are readily obtainable in various styles and sizes. The buying considerations of the loft bed include the size, frame material and the budget.

Types of Full size loft Beds

Five types of loft beds are available namely Futon Bed, Bunk Bed, Storage Loft Bed, Workstation Loft Bed and Simple Loft Bed.

Futon full size loft Bed – this bed provides additional seating place at the day time and it can be fold out to queen size or a full size bed at night. This type of bed is ideal for college students who will occupy the bed by night time only.

Bunk full size loft Bed – A bunk bed is extremely resourceful and sensible way to beautify the bed room. The advantage of bunk bed is that two persons can sleep in a solitary reserving space. This type of bed is idle for children who can share same bedroom. The design of bunk bed is the appending of one twin mattress over other. Bunk bed is normally made up of wood as wood is a robust adaptable material and comes in maple, cherry, oak and pine with varieties of color.

Storage full size loft Bed – this bed accommodates a closet, drawers, and a dresser in to the design and hence eliminates the need of extra furniture in the bed room.

Workstation full size loft Bed – Under this loft bed the customer can store the essential workstation, printer and the computer. The desk can be located under the bed.

Simple full size loft Bed – this type of bed comes only with bed without any furniture set. The space can be covered by any piece of furniture.

Full size Loft Bed Materials

The materials available for the full size loft bed are hardwood, maple, cherry, aluminum and steel.

Hardwood – made with Asian hardwood like rubber wood and the hardwood is sturdier than other woods. Hard woods include pine and oak also.

Maple – this is a type of hardwood with a reddish throw and a fine texture.

Cherry – this is also a type of hardwood in red color. The specialty of cherry wood is that it is easy to carve. It is ideal for designing full loft bed.

Aluminum – the inexpensive and light weight full loft bed with less durability and easy mobility features.

Steel –durable full size loft bed than wood or other metals

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