luxury white wooden king size beds

luxury white wooden king size beds

Nowadays there is no dearth of pre manufactured beds in the market. You can simply walk into a furniture store and seek out a furniture set that comes with the bed, bedside tables, wardrobes, dressers and other units. You can add to or subtract elements as you wish. However, the modular bed units that are available in the market tend to be similar in the finishes, looks and material. If you want something luxurious and that stands out in its individuality, you need to look at custom made luxury beds. You can order in the different components of such a furniture item in the following ways.


The luxury beds come with headboards that are unique and make a bed stand apart from the plain designs in the market. You can take your pick from contemporary designs, the Victorian detailed frames and stitch work, upholstered bases and so forth. The tufted headboards look great and classy and these can be designed in a number of ways.


When you are opting for a custom bed, there are several design aspects of luxury beds that can form your inspiration. There are legs that can be minimalist blocks of hardwood or those that are carved in sabre style and have a handcrafted look and feel. Some have a contemporary look with chrome tripods. Take your pick among the bed leg designs and match it with the overall headboard and other aspects of a bed as well.


One of the obvious differentials in custom made luxury beds is the option of detailing. When you are getting a designer making your bed, opt for detailing in subtle or elaborate ways as per the overall theme of the bed design. Make sure the detailing elements are present on the headboard as well as on the sides or lower edge of the bed base. Many opt for wooden trims or panelling, others love the valance style pleating to have a Victorian themed luxury bed. These are many ways to design a dream custom bed.

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