mattresses with mattress covers for foam

mattresses with mattress covers for foam

Mattress covers are the saviors of the mattress. The entire quality and shine of your newly purchased mattresses tend to wipe off after continuous use. This is a common problem as mattresses are used every day by everyone in the family. They tend to witness spillage, stains etc. This all can be avoided by investing on a good quality mattress cover or protector. These covers help in protecting the original mattress shine and color for longer time periods. These are most important in homes which have children or pets. Some of the mattress covers also provide protection against dust mites which is a great option to keep yourself and your family healthy.

Types of mattress covers

Mattress covers can be removed, washed and reused at regular intervals. These covers provide utmost protection to your mattresses from stains, spillage, dust mites and bugs. They come in different styles which include

– Zippered mattress covers: These mattress covers cover the entire mattress and can be easily zipped off. They are similar to the protective zip lock bags for your vegetables.

– Fitted mattress covers: These are fitted sheet like covers which slide off to your mattresses and cover them up

Out of these the zippered mattress covers are more protective even against dust mites and bed bugs, they are also very easy to remove and cover back up.

Benefits of using mattress covers

There are many benefits of using mattress covers, which include:

– Your mattress stays safe from all spillages and stains

– Should be used if you have small children who are prone to spillage and pets who shed hair and dirt on your mattresses.

– The mattress covers help in retaining the original shine and color of the mattress

– They are great options for keeping away dust mites and bed bugs

– They can be removed, washed and reused at periodic intervals

– They improve the durability of your mattress

Some points to consider before buying mattress covers

You need to consider some points before buying mattress covers these are

– Material of the cover

– Size of the covers

– Should be hypoallergenic

– Thread count should be high to get thicker and luxurious feel

– Should be easily washable

– Pore size should be 8 microns or less

– Mattress material should be breathable

Mattress covers are great to keep your mattresses new and clean.

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