best wheelchair cushions for pressure relief

best wheelchair cushions for pressure relief

Sitting on a wheelchair all day long is not easy. Moreover, it can be a nightmare if the seat of the wheelchair isn’t comfortable. With advancement in technology, the types of cushions available for wheelchairs nowadays has also taken a positive leap. From being merely made up layers of foam, they have transformed into innovative gel designs, dry floatation, and air floatation cushion to name a few.

Let us some of them in detail-

Wheelchair CushionsFoam

This is the oldest type wheelchair cushion and is still preferred by many. However, it now comes in many different densities to meet your requirements. Foam also has many advantages to it. It can be cut without any hardships and it is also cheaper as compared to other modern wheelchair cushions. Now, people can also get memory foam cushions that has the ability to remember your shape to offer enhanced comfort. Disadvantage of standard foam cushion is the fact that it loses its shape and also wears sooner than other types of cushions.

Gel Wheelchair Cushions

This modern wheelchair cushion has small pouches of fluids that are placed in parts of the cushions. It offers enhanced distribution of pressure, making them much more comfortable. However, gel cushions do have their drawbacks as well. Gel cushions are heavier as compared to most other types of wheelchair cushions. There is also a major possibility of the gel shifting to other places when someone sits on them in certain posture.

Dry or Air Floatation Cushions

These wheelchair cushions have very small balloons that are filled with air and placed throughout the cushion. In other words these type of cushions support the body completely on a layer of air. They are extremely light in weight and problem of pressure shifting is not faced in these cushions. Floatation wheelchair cushions are also waterproof, and thus, can also be placed in wet areas.

There are many other types of modern wheelchair cushions available in the market. Understand about their construction, their advantages and disadvantages as well to ensure that your wheelchair cushion is comfortable and also lasts for a very long time without causing any hassles.

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