lilly pulitzer dress with elephants

lilly pulitzer dress with elephants

First opened besides a juice stand by a young woman, Lilly Pulitzer was the brand we know by her name today. Lilly offered stained, colourful print dresses up for sale and since then has been rising new heights of being famous. The company struck a major share of the market in form of Lilly Pulitzer Dresses in the year of 1960 and has been worn by Jacqueline Kennedy.

The Dresses

All the dresses, those manufactured today takes some instances from the initial dresses crafted by Lilly. The dresses are short, sleeveless, and simple and layered with a colourful and vibrant pattern on the top. This deadly combination made these dresses stand out in the crowd. The basic idea behind the design was to render a timeless dress, so that they can be wore even after years of being produced. Following is a list of all the print styles and designs:

• Classic Print

This design boasts modern and traditional look, both at the same time. Most common texture is the flower, wrapped around by leaves, which gives the person warning this print a bold and classy look.

• Flower Patterns

This pattern does not literally sport a flower printed on the dress, however, flower patterns with leaves dipped in bold and vibrant colours. The flower patterns are printed to be large and thereby provide a fresh look to the person wearing it.

• Sea Inspired Pattern

This pattern is inspired by elements of sea, as apparent by the name. Pair with this with a jean to look stunning when going outdoors. A pattern included in the same category is Samba, which differs by a bit, as it offers a much brighter contrast and pattern.

• Animal Pattern

Lilly Pulitzer Dresses under this pattern boats a print suit with animal style or animal body prints on the top. Most commonly offered colour combination is a bright-pinkish colour paired with a lemony green colour.

Why they suit every occasion?

All the above-mentioned prints can be paired with any other dress or any suit to create a perfect suit for any occasion. Otherwise, the same can be paired wore as it is.

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