pillow with pieces of memory foam

pillow with pieces of memory foam

We tend to want to listen to our music or speeches while we sleep, we however at the same time don’t want others to hear them or disturb them while they sleep and we do not like wearing head phones or ear phones while we sleep. With that in mind we have the perfect products for you that will guarantee your privacy while at the same time helping you achieve your night time objective.

Stereo Pillow

Slide this under your pillow and listen to soothing music comfortably as you sleep. With special fabric that insulates the speaker and ensuring that you will not feel it through the pillow. Listening to your music at night has now been made easier as it is sturdy and firm and can be neatly hidden underneath your pillow, the sound quality is also very good and you will surely enjoy your sleeping experience with this device.


Crane Speaker Pillow

Perfect for travel but still good to use at home these speakers are simple to use, place them under your ear or pillow and adjust the volume to the level you desire and you can now enjoy your sleep. It comes in various colors and has a soft fabric covering the speakers so that you may lay on it. Also perfect for travel as you can convert them as headphones, with minimal sound interference we know that this product will help you sleep well at night. Due to its small size it makes it ideal for those who do not want to crowd their pillow.


Asleep Pillow Speaker

You just need to slide this speaker underneath your pillow and you will be able to listen to your music without interruption. With two speakers attached its perfect for those nights you do not want to go to sleep quickly. With a casing that goes around the speaker it makes one not feel the speakers themselves and also enhances the sound quality, it towers above those currently in the market as it offers good quality sound when you don’t want to sleep and when you do want to sleep it will still be able to lull you to sleep.

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