Power blanket

Power blanket

An Electric blanket accommodates an integral electrical heating device in the blanket so that the user can preserve a right temperature in the cold room. The electric blanket minimizes the home heating charge. The modern electric blanket can able to sense the variation in the air and the skin temperature and regulates the settings consequently. Some ultra modern blanket recompenses diverse heat in various part of the body.

History of Electrical Blanket

Dr.Sidnel Russel, an American Doctor developed the electrical heat pad in 1912 to keep his patients feeling warm and later he devised a blanket by using wires. In 1984 the use of thermostat less technology is incorporated in the Electrical Blanket with a positive temperature coefficient wiring system, which senses the temperature changes and responds accordingly.

Benefits of Electric Blanket

The electric blanket is used to pre warm the bedding set and hence avoids the chillness in the bed. Many times very cold situation causes, sinus, arthritis, sore muscles, fibromyalgia etc. This can be avoided by using electric blanket.

Size choice

Electric Blankets are available in different sizes like full, twin, king and queen. The full and twin electric blanket comes with a single control options whereas king and queen size blanket comes with dual control system.

Temperature Ranges
Electric Blanket will have the range of temperature from 23oc to 56o c.
Safety and care
If the control fails in the electric blanket, it leads to overheating of the blanket. Hence this blanket is not suitable for infants and paralyzed person. While purchasing electric blanket the consumer should check for ETL or UL mark. UL means Underwriters Laboratories and holds an acceptable safety standard in US.

Raw materials

Electric blanket consists of three major parts.

• Shell, a specially woven cloth made up of polyester and acrylic.

• Heating element and

• Controller

Quality Control

The electric blanket undergoes various tight testing methods. The test for the shell includes foreign material check and ensure of even thickness throughout the blanket. The heating element and wire also undergoes various testing process. A quality control inspector will check the fire safety and general reliability of the blanket during its manufacture.

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