Queen size bed frame gaining popularity in the modern world

Queen size bed frame gaining popularity in the modern world

The bedding industry of this world has experienced more than centuries of technological advancements and developments that has led to the introduction of the modern day beds in the contemporary world. Ever since the introduction of the standard single and double sizes across the whole world, there has been many revolutions being faced by the bedding industry and the top-notch furniture companies to keep up with the trends and come up with new innovative ideas to satisfy and meet the needs and requirements of its consumers. Consumers these days have different desires and needs leading to the development of a more diversified range of product line by the furniture companies to keep up with their customers.


Arrival of new bed sizes:

After the introduction of the king bed size frame in the 19th century, there was a huge demand for other sizes as well suiting to the consumer’s needs and wants. Many different sizes were introduced with time, one of which is the queen size bed frame that still remains quite popular in the contemporary world alongside the king size beds frame due to its standard size which is perfect for a couple and a little less wide than the king size making the bed frame perfectly suitable for small master bedrooms and guest rooms.


Queen Sizes gaining Fame:

Many different queen size bed frames have been introduced over time but the most famous standard queen size remains 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. This bed size frame was introduced by the Americans as an intermediate size between the standard double and the king size so as to provide the luxury of bigger beds to middle class families too. This bed size frame has gained fame ever since among both the upper and middle class families due to its unique size making it luxurious and cozy at the same time suitable enough for tall people and even couples.

Current Status:

Currently, the queen bed size frame remains the third most purchased bed frame unit after the standard double and king size across the globe holding a considerable amount of market share forming an intermediate bed size frame between the standard double size and the luxurious king bed size. Due to the growing human population and decline in space available, there has been a rise in the sales of queen bed size frames as compared to king size bed frames.

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