Queen size futon beds storming the global furniture industry

Queen size futon beds storming the global furniture industry

Introduction to the queen sized beds is a product of the modern world where a new size in the form of queen size was introduced as an intermediate bed size between the standard double size and the luxurious king size. The standard queen size was introduced as 66 inches wide and 76 inches long. Many different queen sizes have been introduced over time in order to recognize the growing interests and desires of the growing population in the contemporary world. Many versatile and exquisite styles and designs were introduced to check the volatility of the consumer market for the queen bed size that eventually led to the combination of futon style being introduced to the queen bed size that made a considerable amount of market penetration establishing itself as a worthy product to be launched into the global market across foreign borders.

Introduction to Futons:

Introduction to the Japanese based futon style bed in the international market made a huge impact on the furniture industry as it captured a great hold over the potential customer market within a matter of time since its global launch. Typically, the futon style bed frame folds in the middle allowing the futon to be used as a couch and flatten when needed to be used as a bed. It is often filled with layers of batting normally quite thicker than the traditional Japanese futon resembling a mattress in size.

Rise in trend of queen size Futons:

The introduction to the queen bed size also encouraged the furniture companies to extend their product line in a diversified range which eventually led to the establishment of the queen size futon style beds in the contemporary world which quickly gained popularity among the common mass as a modern bed combined with a traditional style coupled with a superior quality of comfort to provide convenience to its consumers. The queen size futon had an advantage of forming a perfect size for an extra spacious couch that greatly led to its rising trend of the queen size futon in the global market.

Current Status:

Currently, the queen size futon beds are making a considerable market penetration in both the local and global markets due to its convenient style and modern versatile designs earning the product a great market share in its potential customers for its continued production and sales for generations to come.

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