Redefine beds with murphy beds

Redefine beds with murphy beds

Murphy beds are the best solutions for space saving. Any type of bed that is hinged or mounted to a surface and can be folded into a closet, wall, cabinet or any other fixture is termed as Murphy beds. These are covered or hidden beds. Murphy beds are also called as wall beds. They are multipurpose kind of furniture. Murphy beds are the best way to maximize smaller spaces.

Factors to be considered when buying Murphy beds

 Budget: The price of the murphy beds depends upon the size, material, design and style. They can be customized and made according to the budget. Hence it is necessary to fix the budget first and decide on the other factors later.

 Style: Styles of Murphy bed ranges from simple designs to complicated ones. They can be folded into a simple closet or to television unit or any other wall furniture. They are designed to complement with the other fixtures in the house.


 Size: Choosing the size of the Murphy bed depends upon the height of the ceiling and surrounding space available. It requires maximum height and length to fix the bed in thespace.

Type of woods used in construction of Murphy beds

 Cheery

 Maple

 Oak

 Medium density fiber wood

 Pine

 Salvaged wood

Advantages of Murphy beds

 Saves space: Murphy beds can make your room more spacious without occupying any extra space for the bed. It provides plenty of walking or free space for other fixtures in the room.

 Décor: Murphy beds are deigned to blend with the other décor in the house. They are available in variety of styles and finishes that complement with the décor easily and make the room stylish and attractive.

 Usability: These beds are very easy to use. They can be easily opened up to form the bed.

 Activities: Murphy bed allows one to perform other activities like playing with kids or pets, exercising etc. as it frees up the space that could have been occupied by the bed.You can check best prices and reviews at

Standard sizes available in Murphy beds

 Twin Size Bed

 Full Size Bed

 Queen Size Bed

 King Size Bed

Disadvantages of Murphy beds

• Comfort: There are no box springs in Murphy beds instead there are wire mesh that makes the bed sturdy and uncomfortable.

• Decoration: One has to compromise with the bedding decoration as these beds can be fold up hence spending on bedding decoration makes no point.

• Tedious task: It becomes tedious to fold the bed every morning especially for aged or sick people.

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