Shabby chic bedroom furniture ideas and design

Shabby chic bedroom furniture ideas and design

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture includes wardrobes, beds and drawers. You can find skillfully designed furniture that matches your bedroom setting. This furniture is designed with simplicity and elegance and they are built to last for longer period. Shabby chic finish differs on each item. You should know that, sometimes the small and simple things are best and when they combine with sleek simplicity and resourceful functionality, then it explains everything, how the elegant shabby chic bedroom furniture can impress others when they see your bedroom.
Shabby chic looks ideal in any kind of house and in any room of your house, from your home office to your baby’s bedroom. Here you can find few tips and ideas to bring a shabby look to your house with shabby chic bedroom furniture.


How to get a shabby chic look on furniture?

You can give a makeover to your old furniture easily, and they can be updated for a chic shabby look. Chalk paint or low VOC matt, Water-based, and beeswax for a polished protecting finish are what you need to give a makeover to your furniture for a shabby chic look. After painting, sand the edges and corners lightly, including external hinges, and handles to get the shabby look. You can give matt floor paint to floorboards, sand gently to get a fine-looking colored finish.

You can easily update dressers, dressing tables, coffee tables, display units and bedroom furniture using this paint technique, which gives the furniture a consistent but an eccentric look. It is the best and an economical method to give a shabby chic look to your furniture.


Provence Furniture:

The Provence bedroom furniture includes wardrobes, beds, dressing tables, etc. this shabby French- style furniture matches perfectly in any type of bedroom. The furniture is given a shabby chic design with a white paint finish on a tough build, the shabby chic furniture adds the sophisticated look and enhances the elegance of the bedroom. You can browse the internet for a wide range of Provence bedroom furniture in affordable price.

Country Shabby Chic furniture:

The enduring country shabby chic furniture can add elegance and modern look to your house, and they are available in a wide range including stool, mirrors, dressing tables, bedside tables, drawers, chests, and many more. If you love the shabby look, then find the way to get the look perfectly. You can change the look of your old furniture by complementing with a few shabby touches.

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