Tartan cushions class and style

Tartan cushions class and style

Tartan is a woolen cloth typically woven in pattern of intersecting lines and colored checks. I am quite sure that all of you must be familiar with this sort of design and pattern. It is one of the patterns that can be easily recognized. Tartan is mostly associated with Scottish bagpipes and kilts. Nowadays tartan is being used all across the world.

Tartan cushions:

Tartan cushions are luxurious ones and one of the most beautiful cushions ever seen. They have a rich history. At the start, these cushions were made by hand in Scotland using original and the worldly famous Scottish tartans.

Traditional cushions:

Traditional cushions are the ones that were made with the help of hand as I mentioned above. These cushions are still popular and are still being manufactured with the help of hand in few areas of Scotland.

Rectangular cushions:

Tartan cushions come in various shapes and one of the most stylish is rectangular tartan cushion. This cushion looks very attractive and charming. Its manufacturing is different from ordinary cushions. Its general measurement is 16 inches x 12 inches. This measurement makes it an ideal choice for room of any size. Rectangular cushion is available in traditional as well as latest tartans. Rectangular cushions are also available with Scotties. A Scottie is made up of soft fleece. It is mostly done in brown or black cushions to suit the tartan. You can have it done on any color if you want.

Tartan cushions are available in many different shapes as well.

Tartan is one of the best choices if you are looking to update your room. These cushions will make the feel and look of the room and will give a classy look. Use tartan footrest with tartan cushions to give a classier look. Tartan cushions can work in any room either it is your living room, bed room or any other. Style and class is something that these cushions provide.


Tartan cushions are easily available everywhere. A huge variety of these cushions is also available on internet. Cushions are available in different colors, styles, designs and shapes.

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