The inflatable pillow: a miracle we should all be thankful for

The inflatable pillow: a miracle we should all be thankful for

Pillows are a very important component of the bed. In fact a bed lacking one would be seen to be incomplete by some quarters and rightly so. The soft cushioning of our heads and neck as we sleep makes a pillow that much more important. But what would you do if out camping or in a similar situation? And were heavy luggage is a luxury we cannot afford? This is where we say, “Thank God for Inflatable Pillows” and get ourselves one.

But first, for what purpose is you pillow? This is an important question as Inflatable pillows have been made for a number of different situations and purposes. In this case what’s good for the goose might not be good for the gander. A few of these scenario specific inflatable pillows include:

Inflatable Camping Pillows: by far the most common and with the most sub-variations within the segment. Within these you will find pillows that designed just like any other pillow, while also others meant to give special focus to specific body parts e.g. The Knee, the neck etc. The ease of packing, which will only involve deflating and folding the pillow is a campers dream. This is sure to have made camping trips a lot fun, wouldn’t you think?

For the Beach lovers: you are in luck as well, as there exists inflatable pillows for you too. And you know you would be better off having one while sun bathing right. With our preference not to carry too much luggage while going to the beach, this is bound to relieve a lot of beach goers’ necks including mine.

Long Distance Travelers: Remember your last long distance trip? That overpowering urge you felt to lean your neck and sleep for a few moments. You most likely woke up with an aching neck due to all the straining. Well at least if you didn’t have an inflatable neck pillow. These have become essential to frequent travelers both with airlines and Long distance busses and trains. Should you fall under this category of travelers I bet one will do you good.

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