The many types of and free quilt block patterns

The many types of and free quilt block patterns

The word ‘Quilt’ comes from the French word ‘cuilte’ originated from the Latin word ‘culcita’, meaning cushion or mattress. Quilting involves sewing of two or more layers of material together to make thicker padded material. These materials are normally in blocks, and joining them in quilting can be done by hand, by sewing machine or a specialized longarm quilting system. A large database of free Quilt Block patterns to choose from exists should you decide to take up quilting.

But why should this concern you?

Quilts offer colorful and attractive bed spreads that have the possibility of making your bedroom absolutely gorgeous and spot on in terms of decorations. But you have to get it right with regards to the color of and pattern of the blocks that make the quilt. Because of the many colors and pattern available, you would want to have a hand in choosing what suits. This to stay in line with your home decorative preferences and color themes. And of the many patterns and colors, you will find that a number of themes exist. These will include:

Kids’ themed quilts patterns.

These are numerous and mostly revolve around the things young ones fancy, from superheroes to cartoon and storybook characters. They make for very good material for making quilts for the young ones, and might also go a long way reassuring the kids to sleep and even make them look forward to it.

Holiday themed quilt patterns.

The most common being Santa Claus and other Christmas themed quilt patterns. Quilts made from such patterns are normally brought out during the holidays as part bringing out the holiday mood and cheer. As Christmas is during winter the added warmth also counts as a bonus. A slight warning though, cotton quilts are not suitable for winter as they absorb the moisture making you feel colder.

Seasons’ themed quilts.

These tend to bring out features of a particular season. For instance you might have an autumn leaf as your quilt pattern. Or even beach balls and other predominantly bright color to bring out the essence of summer. Also, the cotton quilts nature to be absorbent would do well during the summers as they would absorb the sweat.

All in all, many more themes exist. This give rise to thousands of colors and patterns to choose from in making your quilts. All that’s left is for you to have fun in the choosing.

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