sizes of bed mattresses in us

sizes of bed mattresses in us

High quality mattresses are available across the market and the demand for them also keeps scaling up with the passage of time. The number of people willing to spend huge amounts to buy better sleeps for themselves is also growing with the advancement of medical sciences the need for better and professionally recommended has grown considerably. There are many bed sizes available and people choose their bed according to the size of their bedrooms or the comforts the bed offers. The standard sizes of mattresses available in the market are also made keeping the standard bed sizes in mind.


Having a look at the standard sizes available for mattresses in the markets gives people better knowledge before having abed made as customised mattresses cost a lot.

Deluxe Full King Size Mattresses

The deluxe full size mattresses have their dimensions as 84” (Length) x 72” (Width) x 9” (Height). These mattresses are not sold on a regular basis as the beds of this huge size are not common and found only in big homes. Some companies which offer total solutions to their clients for mattresses keep minimalistic stocks of these huge sized mattresses.


Queen Size Mattresses

The king size mattresses have 78” (length) x 60” (width) x 8” (height) as their dimensions. The queen sized mattresses are sold majorly in urban cities with posh housing localities. The need for more room on bed compels the people to have queen sized beds designed in their homes.

Regular Double Bed Mattresses

Available in the size of 72” (Length) x 48” (Width) x 6” (Height), these are the most selling readymade mattresses in the world. Most people prefer a 6’ x 4’ sized double beds and thus the need for these mattresses is attended to most by all the mattress manufacturing companies.

Single Bed Mattresses

People who have single beds choose the single bed mattresses which are available in the size of 72” (Length) x 36” (Width) x 4” (Height). These mattresses are the most selling mattresses after the regular double bed mattresses.
All the above mattresses are available in different price ranges depending upon the budget of the customers.

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