japanese futon buying guide

japanese futon buying guide

What is Futon?
Futon is a traditional bedding of Japan. It consists of quilts and padded mattresses that can be easily folded and packed away during the morning. They are very common in Japanese homes with limited spaces. People lay them on the floor at night and stow them away during the day to use the room for other purposes.

Though they are native to Japan, they are in huge demand all across the world. There are various types of Futon’s available in the market. Let us have a look at different types of futon-

Kake Futon

Kake futon’s are filled with a high-quality mulberry silk, which is known to offer optimal comfort. These types of futon’s were not available for everyone, and it was something that was only used by famous imperial families. The silk fiber used in these futons has

The have the ability to equalize the hot and cold temperature to enhance your comfort. They can also wick away the moisture, making them ideal for use in all the seasons. Moreover, silk Kake futons are also hypoallergenic, and does a great job of keeping away the allergens.

Shiki Futon

The shiki futon is considered as the actual Japanese futon. It does not consist of any kind of foam or wool filling. The futon is covered in ounces of twill material, which makes it soft and comfortable. They don’t even require any additional padding for laying them on the floors. They are highly durable and easy to maintain and clean.

3-Fold Futon

They have a high-quality polyurethane foam and are free from additional fillers.They can be easily 3-folded and stowed away when not in use. 3-fold futon’s are extremely durable and can easily withstand years of use.

Soba Gara Makura Futon

This is the oldest type of futon used in japan. They are highly comfortable and lets you sleep in the correct position. It is highly absorbent and absorbs all the sweat as well as the heat while you are sleeping. They are made from organic buckwheat and have polished hulls for enhanced comfort. They can be easily machine washed and easy to maintain. It is considered as the most comfortable of all the different types of Japanese futons.

The futons’ ability to be easily folded and stored away when not in use have made them popular throughout the world. People with houses that do not have a separate bedroom love the comfort and space-saving quality of these Japanese Futons. Moreover, they are not as expensive as standard beds and mattresses and highly durable.

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